Enduro-Pleat® MERV 8/8A Pleated Air Filters

The Enduro-Pleat® is engineered for the harshest HVAC environments where traditional pleats are prone to collapsing and are constructed with stronger components for longer service life in all applications.

  • Patented* heavy-duty beverage board frame with a rugged, thicker wire backing
  • The lowest pressure drop in the industry of a .20” w.c. and a final of 1.5” w.c.
  • High capacity equals a longer service life than your standard pleat
  • Achieves a MERV 8/8A which means the MERV doesn’t drop when the electrically charged media becomes dirty
  • Advanced, dual-component, synthetic dust absorbing media

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Enduro-Pleat® MERV 8/8A Pleated Filter Specs

Enduro-Pleat® MERV 8/8A Pleated Filter Drawings


The Enduro-Pleat® is a tough filter that saves time you and money. It offers a better Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) versus traditional pleats, thanks to the high dust holding capacity (DHC) and a super low initial pressure drop to keep energy costs low for longer.

Available in a MERV 13. Look at our MERV 13, ENDURO-PLEAT X3. Same tough filter—just in a MERV 13.

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