MERV 13 Green Pleat Air Filters

This compact design allows minimum restriction to air flow while providing exceptionally high MERV 13 efficiency. Keep coils, diffusers, and ductwork cleaner while removing pollen and allergens from the occupied space. LEED Certified by the Green Building Council. Available in nominal depths of 1″, 2″, and 4″.

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MERV 13 Green Pleats Specs

MERV 13 Green Pleats Drawings


ASHRAE states: “MERV 13 filters are efficient at trapping viruses, including COVID-19”. Upgrade your MERV 8 prefilters to MERV 13 without changing your fan or redesigning your filter rack!

Our MERV 13 pleats are:

  • High Capacity with minimum restriction to airflow and has a 30% higher dust holding capacity
  • Provides exceptional MERV 13 efficiency and peace of mind
  • Each MERV 13 pleat is antimicrobial and will not promote biological growth


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12x24x2, 14x20x2, 14x25x2, 16x20x2, 16x24x2, 16x25x2, 18x24x2, 18x25x2, 20x20x2, 20x24x2, 20x25x2, 24x24x2, 16X20X4, 16X25X4, 20X20X4, 20X25X4, 24X24X4